LOMBARDA Lavorazione Legno s.r.l.

LOMBARDA LAVORAZIONE LEGNO was founded in 1988, the result of Marco Ghirardotti's initiative and commitment, plus his experience and know-how in working, managing and marketing the finished product, acquired since 1984. The company specialises in building fine and common wood coffins, cinerary urns, and wooden funeral accessories. LOMBARDA is now known and highly regarded by sector operators throughout northern Italy. Its name is synonymous with quality work, choice of materials, design and elegant details. LOMBARDA is situated in Gussago (Franciacorta), occupying approximately 4.000 sqm., of which 3.000 are covered and used for sales offices, production areas and warehouse. The large remaining area is used to naturally season materials. Inside the production facility, 15 workers perform the various processes needed for daily production, which varies from 8 to 15 pieces (depending on the type of process and model requested). Our catalogue includes about 70 different coffin models, available in 10 types of wood. Some custom features, such as type of painting and finish, may be requested at the time of order. Top performance of the company is the production of extra-sized coffins, with a considerable stock availability for urgent supplies.

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